A Sorrowful Poetry

The most sorrowful poetry in Chinese history is The Letter Written in A Rainy Night, written by Yuxi Liu in Tang Dynasty.







Here is the translation

The Letter Written in A Rainy Night

You asked me when I would come back home. But I don’t know. It keeps raining here in Ta-pa Mountains, and water in the pond keeps rising. I dream the day when I will be back home, and we will sit besides a window and talk about my life in the Ta-pa Mountains.

The poetry is beautiful and people like it. Liu expressed how he missed his wife and his home. But this is not the sorrowful part. The most sorrowful part is that Liu’s wife died several months before Liu wrote this poetry. Liu didn’t know his wife’s death at that time. He thought that they would reunite in not a long time. But he didn’t know he would never had the chance.

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Aliens Drive Me Crazy

This is a essay I write for my grammar course. It’s a true story of my childhood when I was obsessed by aliens. I think it will be fun to post it here.

I am always fascinated about everything about aliens. I believe that they do exist in the universe. There are 200 billions galaxies in the universe, and every galaxy has 200 billions stars. I am sure that there must be at least one star that has a planet which is suitable for them to live.

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The Final Post

About My Blog Journey

I started this blog because I felt awkward when people asked my name. A foreign name is always uneasy for everyone. So I wrote this blog to teach people how to recognize and pronounce a Chinese name. Recently, I have started another theme which talks about the Chinese Classical Poetry. I will recommend you some of the best Classical Poetry in Chinese history. I still have a long way to go before finishing my blog, so I will continue to work on them after this course. One of my goal is that I will make a kindle book after I finish my Chinese101.

In the past two month, we witnessed our blogs starting with nothing to grow up to the vivid collections of interesting stories and thoughtful ideas. One of the best thing I get from this course is that I can other people’s interesting personal experiences and thought. It opens my mind and shows me how big the world is. Another best thing is that I make less grammar mistakes. I used to make a lot of mistakes, but now I am getting better. Last but not the least, I know how to use WordPress and Soundcloud to make great blog and Lynda to acquire a skill. It’s going to help me a lot in my later life.

About the Thing I like

At first, my blog theme was Chinese Pinyin. But recently, I added another theme, the Chinese Classical Poetry, because I love it and love to share it with you. Both of them are related to Chinese culture and I hope you will like them.

I love my blog because I write what I love to write. I write Pinyin and Classical Poetry because I love them. When I write them, I feel that I am doing something great. Through some assigned posts I can share my personal experience with you, which I also love.

My favorite post is This I Believe because it is a real story from my childhood. Even now, when I walk on a road, I will think of this story. I will think where the road leads me, how the road ends and what I will see. It really took me a long time to figure out there was no end to a road and no end to everything. Another reason that I love this post is that I read a lot of This I Believe from other people. All of them are interesting and inspiring. I am grateful that Melanie and Lorri bring topic to us.

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A Chinese Classical Poetry: What I See on A Boat at Night

After I finished the essay “Three Things Makes Me Happy”, I found out that I like the Chinese Classical Poetry so much that I decided that I want to started a new topic on my blog, which will mostly talk about the Classical Poetry. This is the first post on this topic.

Once a time, there is a debate on a Chinese website zhihu about the most beautiful Chinese classical poetry. This one ranks in the first place.




Sunny Moon Phu Quoc Vietnam

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Moe’s Restaurant

Last Sunday, when I was busy to prepare my final exams, I thought maybe I could go to a restaurant to have a diner to save some time. So I decided to go to Mou’s Grill because I always love grill.

After I got into the restaurant, I found it wasn’t a grill restaurant because I didn’t see anything about grill. Whatever, any food is OK, as long as it tastes good.

The environment is decent but a little bit crowded. Everything is clean and there is no weird smell. But the distance between tables is only 0.5 meter. You can barely move your chair if there is someone sits behind you. So this is a restaurant where you can finish your meal in 20 minutes, but not a place to have a romantic dating.

how it looks

Inside of Moe’s

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Mulan was a female hero in the Chinese history. She disguised as a man and joint the army instead of her father to fight against invaders. Disney has made a cartoon animation based on Mulan’s story. Here is the link

Most people believe that Mulan lived in North Wei Dynasty. At that time, the Nirun Khaganate, which is a Mongolic tribe, invaded North Wei. The emperor of Wei required that every family in China must send a man to join the army to fight against invaders. The only man in Mulan’s family was her father, who was too old to survive the army life and battles, so she decided that she would disguised as a man and join the army instead of her father. She made a great contribution in the battle. When she came back, the emperor asked her what she wanted for a reward. She said she only wanted to go home, after which people found out surprisingly that she was girl.

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Maybe Tomorrow

This song, Maybe Tomorrow, is written by a Taiwanese singer A-mei. But when a Chinese mainland singer, Beina Yao, sung the song at the Voice of China, it touched my heart. This is the youtube video of Yao singing Maybe Tomorrow.

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